I offer the following services:

marriage and couples counselling

individual sessions

"I am worthy of the time it takes to do the things that heal my heart."


- Morgan Harper-Nichols

My Services


I work with clients through the challenges which motivated them to seek support. This could, for instance, involve helping clients identify the aspects of self and relationships they wish to change and work towards goals they find attainable.

Couples sessions could, for example, focus on identifying individual and mutual points of conflict in the couple's relationship. Sessions could further involve helping the couple explore strategies which would or would not work for them.



My therapy and counselling services are not covered by the German public health insurance system. I therefore only accept private payments. At your request I can inform you on my costs per session.

my counselling space


All sessions take place in my practice on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in adherence to Covid-19 regulations.